Specialization: Health, Education, Youth Empowerment
Location:  Portland, OR
Website: www.wernative.org

(Housed at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board)

Facebook: wernative
Instagram: @wernative
Twitter: @wernative

Snapchat: @wernative
Youtube: wernative
Text “NATIVE” to 97779

Our Mission: We are a comprehensive health resource for Native youth, by Native youth, providing content and stories about the topics that matter most to them. We strive to promote holistic health and positive growth in our local communities and nation at large. We work to address health and social issues important to Native youth and promote holistic health and positive identity among American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) teens and young adults.

Programs and Activities: Our service includes an interactive website (weRnative.org), a text messaging service (Text NATIVE to 97779), a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, and print marketing materials. Special features include monthly contests, community service grants ($475), an “Ask Auntie” Q&A service and medically accurate information reviewed by experts in public health, mental health, community engagement, and activism. We serve youth between the ages of 13-24 as well as LGBQT2.

Our Values:  We Are Native. We are members of diverse and vibrant communities. Learn more about your culture, history, and current events.

I am Strong in Mind and Spirit. By sharing with one another, we can teach each other lessons about self-confidence, self-respect, pride, courage, and spirituality.

I Control My Body. My body is mine and mine alone. I have control over my physical and sexual health.

We Are Not Alone. Regardless of the issue, there are other Native teens and young adults going through the same life challenges….hear their stories and share your own. Together we can support one another through tough times and come out stronger in the end.

We Can Change Our World. Community involvement is something that can start small and make a big impact. We have the tools you need to get started shaping your community in positive ways.

For more information:
Thomas Ghost Dog (Burns Paiute/Oglala Lakota)
We R Native Project Coordinator
(503) 400-8301