Center for Native American Youth

Specialization: Youth Empowerment
Location:  Washington, DC
Twitter: @Center4Native
Instagram: @Center4Native
Twitter: @GenIndigenous
Instagram: @genindigenous

Mission:  The Center for Native American Youth is an advocacy organization that works to improve the health, safety and overall well-being of Native American youth. Our vision is for all Native American youth to lead full and healthy lives, to have equal access to opportunity, and to draw strength from their culture and inspire one another.

Programs and Activities: Founded by Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, we strive to bring greater national attention to the issues facing Native youth while fostering community-driven solutions, with special emphasis on youth suicide prevention. CNAY has four pillars of work (1) Advocacy & Policy: Resource roundtables, keeping youth at the forefront of policy; (2). Youth Voices: Ensuring the native youth narrative is told through their voice, strengthening relationships with media (3) Resource Exchange: Connecting organizations and youth leaders; (4) Youth Recognition, Engagement & Leadership: including Champions for Change, Fresh Tracks, local recognition programs and other programs promoting positive change led by youth.  We serve youth between the ages of 14-24.

For more information:
Erik Stegman, Executive Director
(202) 736-2521

Nikki Pitre
Associate Director
(202) 736-2905