New Resources from First Kids 1st: The Tribal Leadership Series

A major part of the work of the First Kids 1st – Every Child is Sacred Initiative is working to strengthen equitable and local supports for vulnerable Native children in their communities. This starts with our tribal leaders. We are excited to share a new collection of resources within a Tribal Leadership Series: Youth Engagement, ICWA Advocacy, and Funding Child Welfare Services.

Learn more about the guides for Youth Engagement, ICWA, Advocacy, and Funding Child Welfare Services below.

Youth Engagement

Tribal leaders are looked to by community members to set the tone and expectations on how community issues and tribal programs should be managed. Help develop a community of strong, healthy people and leaders for our future by learning the importance of youth engagement and how you can implement varying levels in different policies and initiatives. Included is a list of tools for youth engagement like youth forums, youth-led research, and community asset mapping.

ICWA Advocacy

The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) provides American Indian and Alaska Native children and families with some of the most valuable federal protections available to any group of children. Learn more about ICWA and how to improve ICWA advocacy for your tribal member children and families. In addition, this guide discusses the role of tribal leaders in national advocacy efforts with provided resources.

Funding Child Welfare Services

Child welfare funding has changed significantly over the last several decades. Discover how to think about funding tribal child welfare program services in a way that matches community values while leveraging available funding from tribal, federal, and state sources. The guide discusses how to make good decisions regarding the use of funding sources based upon the match between community values, desired outcomes, and program capacity.

View and download all Tribal Leader Series Toolkits here.

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