Native Youth Rising: Collective Action to Elevate the Next Generation of Indian Leaders and Change Makers

First Kids 1st is a national campaign with the aim of lifting up and supporting Native children and youth so they can achieve their highest potential. Through developing tools and resources that allow Tribal decision makers to better support youth in the areas of education, health, welfare, and governance, partners have started a movement to put first kids first in policy and practice.

The National Indian Health Board (NIHB), along with the support of other First Kids 1st Partners, are highlighting Tribal community members and programmatic leaders at the 2018 NIHB National Tribal Public Health Summit whose work aligns with the spirit and objectives of the First Kids 1st Initiative.

In accordance with the First Kids 1st mission, a cohort of presenters and participants are working to develop data-driven Tribal strategies and policy objectives in order to:

  • Equip decision-makers with strengths-based information to describe Native children and youth;
  • Foster policy change at national, Tribal, and state levels; and
  • Build capacity at the Tribal level for sustainable change making in Indian education, health, child welfare, and governance.

The contributions of these presenters will be highlighted in the conference manual provided to all participants.

If you have any questions about First Kids 1st or would like to know how you can get involved, please visit us on the web or check us out on Facebook or twitter. To learn more about the 2018 NIHB National Tribal Public Health Summit visit the conference website here.

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