Policy Resources

Learn more about key policy issues affecting Native Youth around the country through key resources provided by FK1st and its Partners, like the Native Children’s Policy Agenda (NCPA).

Native Children’s Policy Agenda

The Founding Partners of the First Kids 1st Initiative formally joined together to support the healthy development of Native youth by coordinating efforts to transform the systems that have the greatest impact on Native youth and families—systems of health, child welfare, education, and governance. The Native Children’s Policy Agenda (NCPA) is intended as a tool to assist Tribal leaders and other policymakers in their work to create and implement a vision for vibrant, healthy communities. It is also intended to guide stakeholders as they prioritize legislation and policy issues that may affect Native children and youth. Within each of the four overarching themes, the Agenda sets forth Tribal strategies and policy objectives to implement these principles. The themes are: Healthy Lifestyles; Supportive Environments; Students Ready to Succeed; and Vibrant Communities. Click the title or the full image to the left to download the full 2017 NCPA. Click here to learn more.